Warning !!! The following video can be Brutal and shocking. It is Bloody!!!

The Cameroonian surgeon appearing on this footage wants the authors and owners of this video to show the world, though, what the conditions of Cameroonian hospitals are really like.  Barry Shapira, Brian Collins, Kevin Hickerson… Thank you for sharing the following.

In 2010, there will be around 900 Million people living in Africa. Among them there are women, children and young people of under 30 years old. Together, they make about 72% of the total population. That block of the African population is the most vulnerable group economically speaking. And according to the pictures shown above, the emergency is real.

The greediness of the corrupted establishment, the lack of economic and social opportunities are serious plagues. But they are nothing compared to the most pressing issue facing the majority of Africans: The nonexistence of a basic and humane health care system. Africans are facing death daily on multiple fronts and for multiple reasons. And the available help around the corner is either useless or not affordable! The existing hospitals are of no use. They are not sufficiently funded. In plain english: They are mismanaged. And to speak cynically, the African people – in Africa – seem to be ill-starred. If this is not true, so how in the world pictures like those shown above can be explained? How can people let their own fellow countrymen, sister, mother, cousin, aunt, friend, son or daughter be treated like meat the way these two patients and millions of others are being treated…

During the past decade (1999-2009), by emulating Europeans and North Americans, the rest of the world – except Africa –  has entered the 21st century in various sectors: Economy, health care and politics. In just one decade, China has reshaped the World. In the 2010 coming year, would Africans be able to finally say: ”From now on, although we are late, our most pressing priority is going to be the real fight against poverty and the alleviation of the nightmarish public health care crisis for our people” ? Or is it going to be the same old movie played all over again?

Let us hope that pictures and situations like the one described above will deeply move people in Africa and around the world. Let’s wish success to this story. May this woman and this little boy’s struggle help bring about the desperately needed change women and children deserve among other Africans all over Africa.

Now Africa, it is time to show the world that you too can stand up and decently take care of your own people. Let’ s start with the health care crisis in 2010.

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  1. Those pictures are unbelievable. Oh my Gosh! Is this really taking place in Cameroon? The local government should do something in order to alleviate those medical and equipment hardships. To the author, keep up the good work!

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