Also known as the Wuguan Keyun Zhuanxian (Wuguan Passenger Railway), the Wuhan-Guanghzou Hi-Speed Railway is a 980 kilometers (601 Miles) Hi-Speed line. It is operated by China Railway High-Speed (CRH). That railway line connects two of the most vibrant cities in China today: Wuhan (Hubei Province) and Guangzhou (Guandong Province). This train is believed to be the fastest in the world because its average speed per hour is at 313 kilometers per hour (194 mph) in non-stop commercial service. Actually, this Wuhan-Guangzhou railway line is part of the future 2100 km long Beijing-Guangzhou Hi-Speed Raiway, while the Beijing-Shijiazhuang and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan sections are still under construction. Those two railway lines are expected to be opened in 2012.

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