After a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck near Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12, help is arriving in Haiti from around the world. Experienced emergency teams from Canada, France, USA, Great Britain, China, Japan, Brazil, Norway, Switzerland and various humanitarian organizations such as ”Doctors without Borders”, OXFAM, the International Red Cross and many other specialized teams are being deployed throughout the most affected areas on the island.

What happened?

The earthquake itself is over. But as shown in various news sessions on television and on other news platforms, the horror is just beginning. People of Haiti are desesperately waiting for more compassion and help. If you personally want to make a contribution, contact an appropriate organisation- Any nearest Haitian embassy/consulate or any caritative organisation being committed to that purpose. And finally, have Haiti in your thoughts and prayers.

The following is a message delivered by former US Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. The two Presidents, in response to the request made by the sitting US President Barack Obama in the aftermath of the first 7.0 -magnitude earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12,  encourage all Americans and, more broadly, every citizen of the world to donate to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. That fund will help Haitians who are most in need of food, water, shelter, medical care and help.

Have a look at these Heartbreaking stories collected on the tragedy scene by various television crews in Haiti and brought to you by CNN.

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