Born 58 years ago in Michigan, Oracene Price graduated from Western Michigan University and she is the proud mother of five children. Three siblings from a previous marriage with Yusef Rasheed and two daughters with Richard Williams.  After being married to Richard Williams, by the end of 2000, Mrs. Price was no longer living with her husband. Citing irreconcilable differences, they divorced in 2002.

As a woman, Oracene Price describes herself as being a ”rampant feminist” when dealing with what she believes to be the overly sexualized images of women in the media. She also describes herself as a deeply spiritual woman. In fact, she is one of the Jehovah’s Witnesses. She has raised her children in that faith, which they continue to observe.

As a mother, she has lost Yetunde Price, the elder girl in September 2003. Yetunde was the victim of a murder by shooting in Los Angeles, California. In addition, as a mother, Mrs. Price has traveled to Africa with her daughter Serena Williams for Charity work. In Senegal, she has helped in the construction of schools.

As a coach, Oracene is not really a coach in a traditional sense. But she is a self-made tennis teacher. She did learn tennis herself to help teach her daughters the technical aspects of the game.Venus and Serena Williams striking aplomb under pressure is credited to the self-belief instilled in them by their mother. One day, she’s reported to have told her superstar children that ” There is no such thing as pressure. As Black Americans, that’s all we have ever had. It’s life.”

Finally, it is worthy of note knowing that despite being divorced, Mrs. Price and Mr. Williams continue to remain jointly supportive of their daughters.

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