Facebook was founded in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The now-28-year old CEO owns an estimated 24% of the company. So, according to Wall Street experts, if the IPO filed yesterday succeeds in valuing the company at $100 billion, Mark Zuckerberg would be worth $24 billion on paper.

Morgan Stanley is said to be the top candidate for lead underwriter for the IPO, with Goldman Sachs also participating.

In January of 2011, Goldman organized a $1.5 billion private placement for its investors. But after running afoul of SEC rules, the bank was forced to limit the placement to investors outside the United States. After the social networking giant Facebook filed IPO documents with the Securities and Exchange Commission yesterday, here is the letter CEO Mark Zuckerberg sent to prospective shareholders.

The PDF version of that letter is only available on your Philemon OWONA’s perspective. Just click on the following link…


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