The economic uncertainties of recent past years — particularly those affecting Eurozone countries — have cast a large shadow over wealth creation. Economic recession in many countries, combined with widespread equity price declines and relatively subdued housing markets, has produced the worst environment for wealth creation since the outbreak of the financial crisis. But since the end of 2012, wealth creation is making a comeback. And in order to emphasize the fact that wealth is one of the pillars of the capitalistic economic system — driving economic growth, the accumulation of capital, trends in consumption, asset prices, and specific industries such as healthcare and banking, etc… — the charts and data shown below are going to help us find a way to analyze and accurately present the top echelons of wealth holders in the world. Thanks to analyses found in a recent Credit Suisse global wealth report, we will see in what part of the globe the world’s richest people live now and extrapolate that trend through 2073.

Sources: The Financialist, Credit Suisse.

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