A Norwegian Doctor in Gaza to Obama: “Never seen so many kids being killed”

Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian surgeon volunteering at a Gaza hospital, has invited U.S. President Barack Obama to spend a night in Al Shifa’a Hospital to see the consequences of Israel’s deadly assault on the Palestinian enclave.

Speaking to Al Arabiya News Channel, he described the Israeli offensive as “merciless” and “murder.”

When shall this stop Mr. Obama, Mr. [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu?” he asked.

You are responsible for this massive killing of innocent Palestinians. You have so much blood on your hands now that it is too hard to clean them,” he added.

In an open letter addressed to Obama earlier this week, Gilbert wrote:

Mr. Obama — do you have a heart? I invite you, spend one night — just one night — with us in Al Shifa’a hospital. I am convinced, 100 per cent, it would change history.

Nobody with a heart and power could ever walk away from a night in Shifa’a without being determined to end the slaughter of the Palestinian people.”

Speaking to Al Arabiya News Channel, Gilbert said that “by seeing the suffering of the children, wounds of the women, amputations … by seeing that all of this is preventable, all of this suffering is manmade by the hands of the Israeli government which is so strongly by Mr. Obama and that’s why I invited him.”

I don’t think he [Obama] realizes what the consequences are on the ground on the human level of his politics that so strongly support the Israeli military machine,” he added.

Dr. Mads Gilbert noted that there was firm solidarity movement with the Palestinian people in his home country Norway, including the medical field.

I am one of many,” he said.

Source: Al Arabiya News

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