A lot of tension is going on right now between President Vladimir Putin’s Russia and the western powers. As we all know, it all began with the European Union nations led — as usual — by the Obama administration and their engineered political crisis that was set up at the end of last year in Ukraine and that eventually was concluded by the overthrow of the democratically and officially (pun intended) elected President Viktor Yanukovych.

With the russian’s reaction that followed the overthrow of former President Yanukovych — namely the annexation of Crimea and the backing of Eastern separatists regions of Ukraine –, the US, the European Union and their allies completely lost it.

Ever since that coup d’état, it’s been clear that the Obama administration, the European powers and their allies are engaged in a never ending blame game with Russia. A blame game that the world hopes will not transition into a global chaos.

Another show off of that tension took place today. This time, the russian President was the one casting the first stone.

Responding to a question about whether America was trying to humiliate Russia, Putin disagreed, saying that the US wanted “to solve their problems at our expense.”

Speaking at a forum of the All-Russia Peoples’ Front in Moscow today, the Russian leader said that: “Throughout history, no one has ever managed to do so toward Russia — and no one ever will.”

He also said that people in Russia really like the Americans, but it’s the US politics that are not accepted so well. “I think America and its people are more liked than disliked by people here [in Russia]. It’s the politics of the ruling class [in the US] that is likely negatively viewed by the majority of our citizens,” he said.

The Russian leader also questioned the way the US had managed to subordinate its allies to its influence — with such countries “trying to protect foreign national interests on obscure conditions and perspectives.”

Source and Video: RT.COM

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