[FULL VIDEO] President Obama and comedian Seinfeld wander around in a 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

Last Wednesday, in a video featuring the comedian Jerry Seinfeld, President Obama made a special guest appearance in the latest episode of the show “Comedians in Cars getting coffee”. Up until now, we have known President Obama for many things, but not as a comedian. In a show where Jerry Seinfeld has shared funny stories with the likes of Stephen Colbert, Louis C.K, etc… the american sitting President has decided to have some fun on the new year’s eve.

As seen on the video posted below, President Obama gave a lighthearted interview. For example, after Jerry Seinfeld showed him the 1963 Corvette stingray, the President was keen to show off “The Beast”, also known as his presidential Cadillac limousine, from which he can “call a nuclear submarine.” The President then teased Jerry Seinfeld: “You don’t have that, do you? It’s a cool feature. Plus it has seat warmers.”

For a sitting U.S. President, the interview was indeed atypical. After being barred from leaving the White House by the Secret Service, both President Obama and his guest decided to go to the White House kitchen, instead and made some coffee.

And without further ado, here is the full video of the U.S. President’s appearance on the “Comedians in Cars getting coffee” show…



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