Mr West and Mr President in the Oval

President Donald Trump met with hip-hop superstar and fashion mogul Kanye West at the Oval Office on Thursday and spoke to the media.

Kanye West came to the White House to meet the US President for a lunch and to discuss different policy issues, including the high crime rate in Chicago. Before the lunch, however, Trump invited reporters and cameras crews for comments from himself, West, and other guests.

The hip Hop superstar immediately engaged in a 20-minute long monologue covering a range of issues that included manufacturing in America, his love for Trump, and a critique of what he called a government system, let by the Democratic Party, that has depressed black communities.

“Trump is on his hero’s journey right now,” West said. “He might not have thought he’d have a crazy mother-fucker like Kanye West run up and support, but best believe — we are going to make America great.”

The fashion mogul wore Trump’s campaign MAGA hat, urging Americans to rally around the president. He said that the hat was his “superman cape” allowing him to do whatever he wanted.

“We have to release the love throughout the entire country and give opportunities,” he said.

Kanye West spoke for about 20 minutes, discussing his support for Trump and even took questions from reporters.

“I don’t answer questions that are simple soundbites. You are tasting a fine wine, it has multiple notes to it,” he said. “You better play 4D chess with me like Minority Report.”

The music superstar also talked about growing economic opportunities, rebuilding cities as well as race and culture issues.

Trump praised Kanye’s remarks, which had to be edited by TV censors before it was aired on cable news.

“He can speak for me any time he wants. He’s a smart cookie,” he said. “He gets it.”

“It was from the soul,” West replied, “I just channeled it.”

When reporters asked Trump if he believed that West could be a presidential candidate, Trump replied, “Could very well be.”

“Only after, 2024,” West replied.

The famous music star said he was proud to voice his support and gave the president a hug at the end of the meeting.

“I love this guy right here,” West said.

The “you can’t tell me nothing” hitmaker with 21 Grammy Awards is also a fashion mogul, Kanye West designs and develops his Yeezy line with Adidas. And he’s one of the german sportswear company’s most famous collaborators.

Not only is he the most famous, but he’s also one of the most polarizing, making headlines on a near-constant basis for his penchant to say things many view as controversial.

“When you have a business model like ours, of course there is liabilities, but also opportunities that go hand in hand,” Adidas’ global CEO, Kasper Rorsted, said during an interview earlier this week.

He went on to say that if a big asset for the brand, like a collaborator or sports star, misbehaves, “eventually it could have a negative impact on the perception of the brand.”

Rorsted emphasized that Adidas does its due diligence when choosing its collaborators.

“Of course, we look upon what do they bring to the table and do they represent certain views that are not aligned with our values,” he said.

But, Rorsted said he doesn’t worry too much about them saying something controversial.

“When you engage with people of very high creativity, they are different in the way they act. How they behave. That’s part of the equation, what they bring to the entire table. That they are so different,” Rorsted said.

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